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Volunteer Opportunities

The long-standing tradition of Father/Daughter dance, gives dads and dad-figures a chance to spend an evening with their little princess.  This event is so popular that 2 events are held. 

The Mother/Son Palapalooza is an annual event for sons and their moms or mother-figures.  This evening of fun gives moms the much-needed bonding time with their "little men!" 

Fund An Item/Donate

Mother/Son Palapalooza

Father/Daugther Dance

If you would like to volunteer for the many events we offer or just drop us a note, please use this form. Without your support, we could not do the things we do to enhance your children's experience at Capital


CHSPO is a group of involved parents, working to positively affect the climate at CHS.  Our fundraising efforts primarily grant money to the classrooms.  Over the last 3 years, CHSPO has granted roughly $17,000 to CHS classrooms.

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